LSE Board Members

gghafary-LSE Association

George El Ghafary


” I never felt like “.I am”, until one day I decided to be. Then I took it as mission to make everybody feel that “They are” somebody”.

ssfeir-LSE Association

Samer Sfeir


“Social Entrepreneurship joins the sustainability and scalability strength of entrepreneurship with the in depth impact of social endeavors and NGOs”.


Jules Hatem


“Building a successful social enterprise over the years was a dream, but keeping this success for ourselves is selfish. Our purpose from joining LSE and working under its umbrella was recognizing and building the capabilities of other existing social enterprises as competitive, sustainable businesses, dedicated to maximizing social impact above shareholder profit”.

Nadim Abdo-LSE Association

Nadim Abdo


LSE is a fertile ground for partnership development between social entreprises. Collaboration among members, complementarity in actions and most important is transparency and communication. LSE is the best potential for the development of the sector in Lebanon.

joe abboud-LSE Association

Joe Abboud


“Being a social entrepreneur, was a unique opportunity for me to understand the social impact from a global perspective. Interactive learning, using different business models and meeting diverse group of individuals who are working towards challenges that can support social and environment missions, kept my enthusiasm strong and eager to learn more every day”.