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COMPOST BALADI – Beirut Community Composting project

Beirut Community Composting is a project aimed at providing the Beirut community with decentralized composting stations.

CHREEK – Christmas 365 – Feel the joy of Christmas Again!!

Christmas is all about sharing joy, and in some houses, Christmas joy is getting lost.

FAIR TRADE – The Agricultural Cooperative in Bakkifa

The Agricultural Cooperative in Bakkifa, Lebanon embodies the positive impact of livelihoods projects that serve as a backbone for vulnerable communities currently affected by Lebanon’s multiple crises.

INAASH – Les Créateurs Libanais exhibition

Les Createurs Libanais Exhibition
1-4 December, 2021

Arcenciel – The traditional wood truss restoration training

The trainees are finally on site, on mission to save Beiruti roofs!

Arcenciel – Cultural protection fund

Thanks to the British Council, the Department for Digital Media, culture and sports , and IECD, our wood truss construction and restoration training was launched this week…

“لابورا” و”شارك” : من اجل مساعدة ذوي الإعاقة

في اطار التنسيق بين الجمعيات التي تهدف الى خدمة الانسان اللبناني وبخاصة ذوي الاعاقة، قامت لابورا بتوقيع اتفاقية تعاون مع جمعيّة شارك

Inaash at Afkart’s Ramadan special event

Inaash Association participated at Afkart’s Ramadan special event that was held in ABC Verdun from 6-21 May, 2019.

Compost Baladi – One man’s trash is another man’s startup

One man’s trash is another man’s startup. At least this is the case for Compost Baladi, the startup dedicated to bringing decentralized composting and waste management solutions to the Lebanese public.

Fair Trade – The Medartsal project has officially started

The sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas (MedArtSal) project has officially been launche in November!