LSE Membership

LSE association connects social enterprises together to form a strong and well organized sector, which is capable of fulfilling the needs of its members and have a well structured partnership with international and local partners. It highlights the importance of this productive sector in the ecosystem and why it should be invested in.

Eligibility to become a member

Pursue an environmental, social or commercial objective provided that the latter is directed towards people with financial or social difficulties. The focus of the institution’s work must be centered on its social and environmental message. This should be reflected in its mission statement, objectives, rules and procedures, products, production processes.

In order to be recognized as a “Social Enterprise” your organization should:

1-       Have a clear social and/or environmental mission

2-       Adhere to a governance framework

3-      Operate on a self-sustaining revenue model

4-      Reinvest a minimum of 50% of its profits to scale up its impact

Directly run all activities related to their environmental or social mission (recycling, waste treatment, integration of people with special needs …).

Generate income through sales of products and/or services.

Aim for financial stability and long-term sustainability.

Reinvest at least 50% of the profits in the organization.

Institutions that are younger than a year can be non-voting members until they reach one year of operation.