As LSE grows bigger, the responsibility becomes wider. LSE members look more upstream in the supply chain and work hard to change the standards of the lebanese society. It’s not just offering a product sold to consumers, but a solution that proves that their sustainable processes are an environmental social, and financial improvement to the norm. Within this stream, LSE has been working throughout the years to elevate their members through the following:

Ensuring the status of “Social Enterprise” of the members of the association, allowing them to benefit from its services and support. It helps distinguish social enterprises from other non-profit associations and commercial companies in Lebanon.

Establishing laws and regulations to organize the sector of social entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

Facilitating the access to financial resources and investors, whether persons or institutions.

Supporting the affiliated institutions in accessing domestic and global markets, establishing partnerships with international organizations, with the public sector and in implementing responsible consumption in Lebanon.

Using all means available (research, conferences, events, marketing and advertising) to achieve these objectives and obtain the best operational services offered to the affiliated institutions.

Enabling all members of society to contribute to economic growth and impact the environmental and social development in Lebanon, by creating new social enterprises.