Lebanese Social Enterprises Association

We are social enterprises strongly committed to connect, organize the sector and promote our impact localy and internationaly. We have joined forces to build an effective structure capable of serving social enterprises in Lebanon.

LSE Activities

LSE members believe in a holistic approach in value chain economy and aim at influencing consumption habits of the lebanese society. It’s not just offering a product or a service, but rather an economically sustainable solution with a social and/or environmental dimension.

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LSE connects social enterprises to form a strong and well organized sector, with a large impact and a well structured local and international partnerships. It highlights the importance of the social and solidarity economy and the reasons to invest in it.

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Latest LSE Bulletin

COMPOST BALADI – Beirut Community Composting project

Beirut Community Composting is a project aimed at providing the Beirut community with decentralized composting stations.

CHREEK – Christmas 365 – Feel the joy of Christmas Again!!

Christmas is all about sharing joy, and in some houses, Christmas joy is getting lost.

FAIR TRADE – The Agricultural Cooperative in Bakkifa

The Agricultural Cooperative in Bakkifa, Lebanon embodies the positive impact of livelihoods projects that serve as a backbone for vulnerable communities currently affected by Lebanon’s multiple crises.

INAASH – Les Créateurs Libanais exhibition

Les Createurs Libanais Exhibition
1-4 December, 2021

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LSE highlights the importance of this productive sector in the economy and the reasons to support it. LSE works hard to promote SEs and is strongly committed to develop its network, organize the sector and connect with local and international partners.

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