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Lebanese Social Enterprises Association

We are a group comprised of social enterprises who are strongly committed to connect social enterprises in one association, organize the sector and Connect LSE with local and international partners. We have joined forces to build an effective structure capable of catering to the growing needs of social enterprises in Lebanon.

LSE Activities


Ensuring the status of “Social Enterprise” to the members of the association, allowing them to benefit from its services and support. This will be a way to distinguish social enterprises from other non-profit associations and commercial companies, in Lebanon.


Establishing laws and regulations to organize the sector of social entrepreneurship in Lebanon


Facilitating the access to financial resources and investors (investors can be persons or institutions).


Supporting the affiliated institutions in accessing domestic and global markets, in establishing partnerships with international organizations, with the public sector and in implementing responsible consumption in Lebanon.


Using all means available (research, conferences, events, marketing and advertising) to achieve these objectives and obtain the best operational services offered to the affiliated institutions


Enabling all members of society to contribute to economic growth and impact the environmental and social development in Lebanon, by creating new social enterprises.

Eligibility to become a member

Pursue an environmental, social or commercial objective provided that the latter is directed towards people with financial or social difficulties. The focus of the institution’s work must be centered on its social and environmental message. This should be reflected in its mission statement, objectives, rules and procedures, products, production processes.

Directly run all activities related to their environmental or social mission (recycling, waste treatment, integration of people with special needs …).

Generate income through sales of products and/or services.

Aim for financial stability and long-term sustainability.

Reinvest at least 50% of their profits in their activities.

Institutions that are younger than a year can be non-voting members until they reach one year of operation.


Our News


"Being a social entrepreneur, was a unique opportunity for me to understand the social impact from a global perspective. Interactive learning, using different business models and meeting diverse group of individuals who are working towards challenges that can support social and environment missions, kept my enthusiasm strong and eager to learn more every day. I was inspired by the insights of my colleagues and experience shared by other social entrepreneurs and their social enterprises. The ability to be truthful about challenges faced, receive feedback from different aspects, understand the challenges of today's and future social entrepreneurship have lead me to implement a solid professional approach".

Joe Abboud

Co-Founder and Managing Director, S-miles

"Social Entrepreneurship joins the sustainability and scalability strength of entrepreneurship with the in depth impact of social endeavors and NGOs".

Samer Sfeir

Executive Director of shareQ NGO

" I never felt like ".I am", until one day I decided to be. Then I took it as mission to make everybody feel that "They are" somebody".

George El Ghafary

Director, CHREEK

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