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Special Miles

Special Miles

I. S-miles - Special Miles Overview:

Special Miles is a specialized inclusive center, founded on January 2011 at Beirut-Lebanon. It includes students divided by age groups 5-8, 9-13, 14-18 and 19-25 years, with and without learning difficulties/disabilities and mild to moderate special needs, targeting both leisure and intervention purposes simultaneously based on our tailored curriculum taking into consideration international methodologies. It's recreational and therapeutic at the same time.


Special Miles Objective is to break down barriers so individuals with learning disabilities and special needs are welcomed in the same range of schools and society services as all other community members.


S-miles center offers:

•       Early detection and intervention for nurseries

•       Academic programs and assessments (special education tutoring & intervention)

•       Individualized therapies and assessments: psychological follow-up, speech therapy, psychomotor/occupational therapy

•       Skills: organizational and study skills, computer skills, social and life skills, money management skills, executive functioning skills, career guidance, work skills

•       Therapeutic Activities: Research based extra-curricular activities targeting both leisure and intervention purposes simultaneously

•       Transition program: academic, functional, pre-vocational & vocational program. (as of age of 14)

•       Consultancy/professional development/training for nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and parents 

•       Establish inclusive departments in schools 


The approach & techniques adopted by S-miles are what makes it unique & innovative.

We emphasize on the holistic development of each person including moral, intellectual, social, emotional, physical development & well‐being. 

We are also dedicated towards increasing awareness among parents & society as a whole.


II. What we do:

S-miles is founded based on the following:

     • Availability of centers & institutions for severe cases, yet the lack of services for individual with mild to moderate cases,

     • Regular coaches within a large group of individuals in their sessions are not qualified nor equipped to reach to the specific needs & individual pace of those children,

     • Unfortunately, children having special cases spend their time on “one on one” therapy sessions, & have very scarce opportunities to enjoy fun activities as their regular peers,

     • Lack of participation in fun activities within a group leads children to feel different & neglected,

     • Lack of participation in age related fun activities might lead to refusal of other therapies & regression


III. Mission:

To give individuals with & without learning difficulties & mild to moderate special needs the opportunity to nurture & blossom their mental & physical abilities in order to progress & excel in life.


IV. Therapies & Activities Enrolled at S-miles:

Therapies & Activities are goal oriented, where individualized plans combine cognitive thinking & physical movement to ensure a healthy body & mind. Further, one of the main approaches adopted at S-miles aim to contribute to the development of social & emotional well-being of the child. Upon registration, children are advised to enroll in activities that research has proven to be beneficial for their challenges.

Further, S-miles’ groups include a maximum of 5 to 6 students per session to support individuals to be integrated socially within a group & at the same time benefit from the session.  Finally, a 3 months plan (IP-individualized Plan) underlying specific objectives is developed to assess the development of the child.