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Our Mission

CHREEK is creating patterns of partnership between members of chaos to achieve positive social, environmental, and economic results. Well in other words, CHREEK (Arabic: Partner) initiates environmental projects to create job opportunities for former drug abusers, former prisoners, and unskilled women, thus social burdens would solve environmental ones. CHREEK is a Lebanese NGO established since August 2014. It stands for “Capital Human Recycling Environmental Economic Kit” and it is all about positive people, positive thoughts, NGOs, companies, universities, schools, municipalities; engaged together to achieve creative positive change in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Our Story

To make real impact we had to start from real problems and issues. We had to start in the small dirty streets to assess people’s needs and to gain understanding on how we can really help, because reality cannot be found in books. People need another chance in life, people want to be productive, people want to participate in environmental and economic uprising. Poor people do not love misery. We then moved to a higher level. We started working on follow up programs with Oum el Nour rehabilitation center. We launched two months ago a re-integration program in partnership with Oum el Nour. New collaboration has also started with Bonheur Du Ciel rehabilitation center, where beneficiaries need to go under trainings specialized in personal and skill development to help them create their own jobs or should we call it entrepreneurs. CHREEK went in collaboration with several Municipalities (e.g. Jdeide El-Baouchrieh El Sed) to create waste management plans to turn the garbage crisis to an opportunity of environmental investment to create jobs for our beneficiaries. CHREEK has developed a new biogas system to be part in solving the organic waste problem and turn it to energy. Upon the need to have our green areas and forests back, CHREEK launched last year a yearly campaign to plant trees  in the most environmentally damaged areas Like Mayrouba, under the name of Dancing Tree Event, where people can eat dance and plant trees.


Our Objectives

I. We create environmental projects  

Major focus is over recycling, upcycling, biogas and biodiesel systems, renewable energy, etc. The projects which we create are addressed to the nation’s environmental needs that have reached a critical level of damage pollution and desertification.  We make plans and studies to divert investors to invest in such projects for the general benefit and to prove that investors can make money by doing good to people and environment.  New jobs are eventually created for skilled and non-skilled labor.


II. We create jobs

We train former drug users, former prisoners, unskilled women and vulnerable youth on specific professional skills and crafts to meet the specific demand in the local market. By the network of organizations we have created we help in hiring our beneficiaries.   All environmental projects initiated hire mainly these four-targeted groups.


III. We upgrade, develop, and invest in talents

We search for young talents amongst unprivileged communities. We upgrade the talent and develop the skills of these young men and women. We coach and train on the personal and the professional level. We invest our expertise, knowledge and network in these talents to put them in the loop of creating new innovative projects so that they themselves create jobs for our beneficiaries.


Three major impact numbers that CHREEK has achieved from 3 years of its existence are the following:

 - Employed 20 former substance users in 2 years.

 - Recycled and upcycled 3000 Tons of garbage in 2 years.

 - Trained 60 unskilled workers in 2 years and 6 municipalities on waste management.