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Triple E

Triple E

Who we are

Triple E (Environment Evolution Engineering) is a social-environmental offering decentralized affordable solutions for wastewater treatment.

The decentralization of the sewage systems has proved that is profitable all over the world. Nowadays, the cities around the world tend to decentralization avoiding the high costs of infrastructures.

This is why Triple E offers an opportunity for a decentralized organization, a highly evolutional and sustainable solution for the sewage system at Lebanon, and uncountable other places all over the world with similar problems.

An unexploited market which exceeds the billions in the whole world, Triple E suggests to profit from it, by using those inexhaustible influents (waste water) and to create a social enterprise with big positive local and international impact.

Triple E offers a simple and proved technology: MBR (membrane bioreactor). The MBR system is a robust process not only by its treatment efficient but also and particularly by its technical simplicity and its weak consumption of energy and maintenance need and its flexibility of adaptation with the influent category.

This business offers as well, determined duration work opportunities (part time job) for the university students regarding the assembly and installations of stations (which don’t need high technical experience), it creates as well subjects of research that may be proposed as senior projects to engineering students.



A-      Environmental Impact

           Decrease the water stress by increasing the quantity of recycled reused water.

           Creation of new opportunities for wastewater reusing.


B-      Impact on health and hygiene

           Reduce the average of diseases related to polluted water.


C-      Creation of jobs and promotion of the water recycling culture

           Recruitment of universities’ students for part time jobs.

           Proposition of research and applications’ subjects for engineering students in collaboration with universities.



Our mission is to increase the public awareness in order of solving the problem caused by the residential wastewater and to reach a time where this type of water is treated by plants at the national and international level. This will decrease as well the pollution and related diseases, the hydraulic stress as well as creating new job opportunities and activating the economical chain.



Our objective is to maintain a well organized enterprise capable of reaching the targeted public, by offering the most technological treatment stations at the lowest prices, solving the needs for water and sanitation and therefore improving their life style.